I am continuously amazed and inspired by the variety in which which couples express their commitment. Together, we toss out old traditions, make up new ones, and create an experience that perfectly captures their unique personalities. I take great pride and delight in making sure that the bride and groom enjoy their day while I manage the details behind the scenes.

Whenever a couple asks me whether or not something is “normal” for a wedding, I encourage them forget about what everybody else is doing and focus on what is important to them. Let’s make a new normal. Brightly colored linens? Awesome! Have a llama walk down the aisle? Let’s make it happen! A three-day campout? So fun! (All of these and more have happened, by the way)

My journey to wedding planning began in New York City at a boutique graphic design firm when I volunteered to plan the annual holiday party one year. I loved every minute of it—planning the menu, coordinating the set-up, managing the staff. I was hooked! After the party was over, I returned to my design job, but the seed for an alternative career was planted. A few years (and a move to San Francisco) later, I pursued my interests through many facets of the event industry before focusing on a career in weddings.

I would love to chat about every detail of your plans to see if I would be the right fit to make your wedding day as amazing as you dreamed!


The not-so-secret to wedding coordination and planning is grace under pressure and the ability to quickly find solutions to any issue at any moment. The photo above was taken by the second photographer while the primary photographer (and the baby's mother) was busy taking bridal party photographs. I was available and only too happy to hold this little guy while his mama stood by her close friend, the bride. 

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